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Enterprise management solution

Access: Browser/Server, Client/Server and mobile clients (both iOS and Android)

• Connection: 1000 device connections, up to 2000 channels of high-definition network videos via direct connections or EZCloud.

Management: Unified management of NVR, IPC, decoder, network keyboard, cloud devices, alarm control panel and door access control, support devices’ configuration import/export

Storage: Max 16 hard disks and 2 disk enclosures; expandable up to 48 disks with 480TB storage, recording backup, IPSAN storage

Network Balance and Fault-Tolerance

Secure: Using proprietary programming the Unicorn is able to create a private connection with each unit

Balance: Unicorns have 512 mbps and it can pass-through to use the remote recorders bandwidth.

Fault-Tolerance: 4×1000M Base-T adaptive Ethernets + 2×1000M SFP optical interfaces allows for Load Blancing, Fault-Tolerance, and Mulit address networks to be configured.

Remote Access: All connected devices are remotely accessable through PCs, Android and iOS devices on appropriate software and via web browser.

Edge Storage up to 480TB

Scalability: 160TB Internal Storage with options to add 320TB via Mini-SAS Storage expansion bays + 1 eSATA port.

• RAID: Support for RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, RAID6, RAID10, RAID50, RAID60

Hot-Swappable: Hot-swappable drives allow the user to replace existing hard drives without having to power off the unit. Preventing any downtime or loss of footage.

Centralized: Review and backup footage from multiple locations at one time from one centralized location.

Redundancy: Have access to off-site stored recordings even if local recorder is down.

Support: Unicorn servers and HDD expation bays support up to 10TB HDDs per port. Supporting Western Digital Purple drives and Seagate Skyhawk drives.