Request RMA

Requesting an RMA from DH Vision INC:

1) Download the following RMA Form from this page that has been created by DH Vision
2) Fill Out the editable RMA PDF. Make sure all information on the form is filled out to its best extent.
3) Once the RMA Request form is fully filled out, come back to this webpage and click on the "Email to" button at the bottom of the page. This will allow you to email the form over to DH Vision's technical support for approval.

Note: Please remember the following, this is not the RMA form that allow and authorizes any person/company to return product back to DH Vision. This form is simply to have an orginized and uniformed way to request an authorized RMA form from DH Vision.

Note: When filling out the discription of the problem for any device "BAD" or "Not working" is not a good reason for return. Please fill out the discription in as much deteail as possiable. Example: If a camera has no image when plugged into a recorder just a back screen, the discription "No Video/Image" is acceptable but "Bad" is not.

Direct PDF Download

Please email the fully filled RMA Request form to our technical support department by clicking HERE

Emails can also be sent to: and Please make the subject line of the email "RMA Request".

Note: RMA Requests are ONLY for direct customers of DH Vision. DH Vision will not approve RMAs for UNIVIEW product purchaced from other vendors, or submitted by DH Vision Customer's End Users.