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Out of Box Start Up Wizard

When first booting on a uniview recorder users will be prompted with a Startup Wizard. Users can follow the startup wizard to configure the basics of the recorder.

The first Setup Wizard screen displays a QR code that can be scanned using a phones QR code scanner app to download the EZView app. Once the app is downloaded, launch the app and open the device manager. In the device manager add a new P2P device and scan the QR code again, this will enter in the 36 digit registration code.

After moving onto the second section of the Startup Wizard the user will be able to set up the Time Zone, Date Format, and Time Settings.

In the next section of the Startup Wizard users will be setting up the IP and TCP settings for the device. It is recommended to set the recorder to DHCP out of the box by clicking on the “Enable DHCP” check box.

Enabling the DHCP will allow the recorder to connect to the local network by getting an IP address automatically from the router. The recorder can remain on DHCP and remotely connect on a cell phone when using the EZCloud service.

In the last section of the Startup Wizard users will be able to configure how the recorder should store recordings. Users can set up 24 hour recording, Motion recording, and Alarm recording.

Out of the box default is 24 hour recording, this is shown by all the days having a blue time line bar. To change the type of recording click on one of the color blocks on the right hand side. Next click the blocks on the time lines for each day. This will change one hour of the day to record on the selected record type. Users can also click and hold on one hour and then drag to an ending hour to change part or a full day to a different record type.

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