Project Name SmartPSS
Version V1.14.0
Base Platform V1.13.1
Operation Platform Microsoft Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10(32/64 bit)

What is new?
1. A&C device input and parameter config
2. New A&C module containing console, event management, right management, human resources and log
3. New console sub module supports A&C device\channel monitoring, preview and e-map
4. New event management sub module supports link of A&C event and video£¨live\record\snapshot£©
5. New right management module supports A&C device right config£¨door group right,ÃÅuser right, first card, multi-card, remote verification, inter-lock, anti-pass back, period management, holiday management£©
6. New human resources sub module supports A&C user management, manual card issuing, batch card issuing, lost card, frozen card, import and export.
7. New log sub module supports A&C log search(alarm search, abnormal search, normal search, entry/exit search)

What is changed?
1. Design of device management is improved, supporting display by category
2. Device tree can be switched by device or channel accordingly
3. File length in playback is shown in sexagesimal
4. PC-NVR must be added in device management before you can manage it
5. E-map is combined into preview, and support more than one map
6. E-map now supports visible range setup
7. E-map can open all video channels now

What is removed?
1. Display control function is removed.