What is changed?
1. Fixed problem that when previewing device channel, one more channel of PC-NVR is opened
2. Fixed failure of search log of device added by P2P or domain name
3. Fixed version error displayed during updating
4. Fixed P2P device error in device list when importing older version
5. Fixed partial display error of some HCVR device channels
6. Fixed inconsistence between link video and config video for alarm link
7. Fixed inconsistence between link record or video and set channel during viewing
8. Event in access control module no longer show video talk event
9. Work ID cannot be 0 for access control module import
10. Fixed remote verification bug in access control module
11. Extraction of card info is a one-time operation
12. Info not count starting over for multi-card unlock, remote verification user switch
13. Fixed password sequence error caused by user management
14. Unified access control status and door sensor status