Keeping our children safe and secure

Nothing is more paramount than providing a safe learning environment for our children.
DH Vision offers economical vandal proof and vari-focal lens options that will fit specifications on a tight budget.



Our penta-brid (PVR) recorders are capable of bringing in five different camera technologies. The five technologies include CVI, TVI, AHD, CVBS and finally IP. PVRs are capable of bringing all five of these onto one recorder. Don’t miss out on any more jobs because of mixed technologies.

Monitoring from Anywhere

All of our recorders can be monitored remotely across different technologies. Peer-to-Peer (P2P) options are available on all our recorders and allow easy setup and access to a recorder footage and playback. Each recorder can be port forwarded allowing you web access to a recorder from anywhere in the world. All recorders can be viewed on smartphones through the appropriate vendor-specific application (free of charge!).

4K Recorders and Cameras

4K technology is here! Get crystal-clear live-view and recordings with the proper configuration. 4K allows you to capture specific details in your playback that weren’t possible before. What good is capturing footage if you can’t make out who is in it?

PTZ / Motorized Lens

The versatility of Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras could be the perfect solution to a job. Why install four cameras to monitor an area when you could have tour the same areas they would cover? The motorized feature of our camera allows you to remotely adjust the zoom and focus of a camera without having to manually change the settings with a tool.

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) helps balance the lights and darks of images better. WDR could be the perfect solutions to a nighttime image being clouded by a streetlight. See the full image, not just what can be seen in lighting.

License Plate Capture (LPC)

With proper configuration of settings, a license plate camera is capable of catching each of the characters in a plate through the playback. By modifying the shutter speed and installing at the right angle you can catch plates easily.

Vandal Proof Domes

Worried about your cameras being smashed by criminals? A vandal-proof dome will protect your cameras from significant wear and tear. Be sure to protect your investment!


Our three year warranty on our recorders and cameras (one year for switches and accessories), lets you have faith in the recorders you’re putting in. Should a product fail, our tech support will work with you to troubleshoot and if the product is defective we will gladly replace units within warranty.


Accessing your recording securely may be an important feature a job requires. HTTPS verifies a secure connection to the recorder and that packets aren’t being intercepted by malicious users.

Onvif Compliance

ONVIF compliance should rank high on the list of needs of installers who inherit installs from others. All of our cameras and recorders are compliant with the ONVIF protocol which allows for cross-brand implementation. Refer to the ONVIF website to find if a brand is compliant to verify if our product will work with theirs!

Smart Features

Smart features allow for quick navigation of playback depending on which criteria you are looking for. If you are able to identify a face, you can quickly parse through playback to identify where else that face is. Other smart features include cross-line detection, intrusion detection and people counting.

U-Code / H.265

U-Code is the powerful compression system designed by Uniview that can improve storage significantly! U-Code fluctuates recording to match the needs of an image. If there is a static image U-code will lower the bit rate and will raise the bit rate when there is motion. H.265 allows for 15% more compression than it’s counterpart H.264.