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DH Vision Timeline


All DH Vision recorders and cameras
are backed by a 3 year warranty.*

This includes our full line of CVI cameras,
IP Cameras, HCVR recorders, and
UNV NVRs & Extended PoE Switches

*OEM Devices 18 Months and Accessories 1 Year

DH Vision offers free over the phone
training for any customer*. Schedule a time with a sales representative at any time!

*Note for our direct customers only.
This excludes end-users.
Our website support section includes a
wide range of word and PDF tutorials!

Tutorials cover everything from the basics
to the most advanced configurations. Including
Network help and Device configurations.
DH Vision offers recorders that can be
fully rebranded showing no trace of where
the recorder comes from or who makes it.

This includes new model numbers on the device,
on the device box, and in all software!
New vendor information for the camera and
your company logo on device empty channels
and recorder boot screen.

Our UNV product line has a highly
protected pricing channel.

UNV Prices are not allowed
to be posted online by Wholesalers,
Resellers, Installers,or Integrators.

UNV also removes
all sales from Amazon, Newegg, Alibaba,
and more websites and will revoke all rights
for companies to sell UNV equipment
if the companies do not comply
with this standard.

We believe it is our first responsibility to make sure that our customers are 100% satisfied.

To achieve this, we make it our priority to provide reliable products and services at a price that enables our customers to grow.

DH Vision also backs all of its equipment
with lifetime free support, training, and
more. We offer onsite support for local
MD customers as well.